An in-depth look at Aquanura
Behind the scenes
It's almost time to finally show you what has been worked on for quite some time now: our very first nighttime show! Come take an in-depth look with us into what you can expect from these 12 minutes of Efteling classics.
As some of you might know, Aquanura is a watershow that was created for the parks 60th anniversary. Which means that Aquanura has turned 10 this year, so we thought it seemed fitting for us to premiere our version somewhere close to the 70th birthday date. During those 10 years of Aquanura the park has created four versions, with two of those being original symphonies filled with Efteling classics. Soundtracks like Carnaval Festival, Raveleijn and Spookslot are being brought to life with the use of water, light and fire. When the evening falls the four frogs that surround the lake will wake up the fountains so that they can dance through those 12 minutes of pure enchantment.
A total of 10 fan jets will majestically wave on the rythm while a sea of bloom jets will colour the lake beneath them. As soon as the music starts to get intense, the mini shooters will rapidly fire themselves into the air creating a colourful curtain in the sky. With a little help of the frogs the 12 jets in the middle of the lake will eventually also come to life, swinging each other forth and back.
The story of Aquanura is centered around the story of the Frog prince, hence the frog with the crown. By dropping her golden ball into the lake, princess Anura awakens the frogs who in turn are able to bring the pond itself to life. But they can't do it alone, they need your help to do so. Will you help them start this spectacle of water, music and colourful lights?
Aquanura: the First Efteling Symphony will premiere saturday, june 18th at 8 PM CEST. Make sure to be on time to ensure that you're at your favourite spot! Don't know where to watch? Above this text is a picture that indicates the best viewing-spots to experience the show. Can't be there during the premiere? Don't worry, Aquanura will be shown on select days each week which we are yet to announce.
Last updated: 08 August 2023 10:47:13
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