Lobby Overhaul
As you might have noticed, an update to our lobby was long overdue. 5 years ago Niels and Jochem were working on a central hub between the Efteling and Disney server, which in time turned out to be a park on its own. Many people joined our server through the lobby and hopefully many more have yet to explore our server for the first time. That’s why we needed a place that represents both the parks and our own creative ideas.
We have completely redone most of our lobby. The most obvious change is our former lobby coaster: Leonard's Express, which changed into a wooden coaster. Another update is the Station which now has a much more realistic layout including some new shops! The biggest change so far is the main Lobby shop, which is now merged with a brand new hotel! We even added some signage to the shops, so it should be no problem to find your way around the lobby.
The overhaul allows us to do way more than before, while also being a fun place to hangout with friends! Of course we will miss the old lobby and all our previous events, but not to worry! We'll continue to develop new content for you all to enjoy, with this update being a huge step forward!
Last updated: 08 August 2023 10:52:29
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