Opening Disney
On the 7th of December, we first opened our server. That’s already one year ago! We want to celebrate this moment with a little surprise. The past months we have been working on four new rides in our Disney park. Besides that we have added many new features which will be discussed in this post.
The Disney part of World of Wonders has a rich history. The original map originated from a former Disney server. Part of the crew joined the World of Wonders team and worked further on the map. Last year our builders changed everything to have a matching scale and style to the Efteling park.
With this release we have much to offer. Explore the grand entrance hotel, shop for new items at Mainstreet USA, visit the majestic castle or venture into the wild wildwest in the all new Frontierland! This first area of the park will include the following attractions: - Goldport Mesa Express - Phantom Manor - Prairie Riders - Bucking Bulls
There are also over 30 new achievements to discover, so hold fast and we'll see you soon at:
Thursday 29 December 2022 20:00
Last updated: 08 August 2023 11:07:05
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