Installing SmoothCoasters mod
Before you follow these steps, read the disclaimer.
Step 1
Make sure you have opened, installed and played our current version: Minecraft Java Edition 1.20.1. A default installation is necessary.
scm launcher
Step 2
Download the following necessary files for version 1.20.1:
scm curseforge
Step 3
Run the .exe file you downloaded for Fabric. Select the version 1.20.1 and click the install button. This will make an installation in the Minecraft Launcher.
scm fabric installer
Step 4
Locate the .minecraft folder by searching for %appdata%. Place the other 2 downloaded files in the mods folder.
scm mods
Step 5
Now, reopen the Minecraft Launcher. Select the new added installation and start playing!
scm launcher2
It is possible that the newest versions of the SmoothCoasters mod haven't been released yet. Also, steps may become faulty over time, we can't be held responsible for this. We have no affilication with the SmoothCoasters mod neither can we be held responsible for any damages resulted by (installing) the mod. This tutorial only serves as our attempt to help you.