World of wonders WebClient
Need some help to connect to our WebClient to listen to the audio? Follow these steps to make sure you properly setup the connection.
Step 1
Start by opening the chat. With all menu's closed, press t on your keyboard.
With the chat open, you can type /audio and hit the enter key.
The text like in the image below will show up. You can click on this.
audio chat
Step 2
A popup like in the image below will show up. Clicking on Yes will open our website in a browser.
audio link
Step 3
The last step is to click on the connect button. This will connect your browser with your player and starts playing audio.
audio connect
Possible solutions to problems
If there still isn't any audio playing, try the following solutions:
  • In step 2, try using Chrome instead of browsers like Firefox, Safari or Opera
  • Turn your system volume up and make sure to have speakers connected
  • Rejoin the server and follow the steps again
  • Your internet connection may be slow, it could take some time before all files are loaded
Still having issues? Try contacting one of our crewmembers via the server or Discord.